No matter who the media and the Left (we know, same difference) hurt or the damage they did, all that mattered was taking down Trump.

And looking back at the ENDLESS lies they pushed over the last year (and beyond) is so incredibly damning with more and more stories coming out debunking their hysteria and propaganda. This thread from user @ian_mckelvey is perfection:


But wait, there’s more.

Oops again.


Or something.

What he said.

Oh man, that MS-13 quote where they claimed over and over and over again that he had called illegal immigrants animals. They ran with this for months and never really did correct themselves.

Biden lied about a lot.

Then again, we all know it’s not Biden writing those tweets but still.

This was the biggest lie of them all in our opinion as we still see morons on Twitter insisting he called neo-Nazis very fine people. The only one we might see more is the claim Trump called COVID a hoax.

He did not.

Good ol’ Schitt For Brains.

They will only look back on this honestly if they are not the same people warping our history to push a narrative. Otherwise they will look back on this time with Trump as something that suits them and their agenda.

Scary times we live in, folks.



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