Hey, look you guys. Kamala Harris made time for a photo op with her hubby at DC Pride … and still hasn’t made time to visit the border.

We suppose her handlers are trying anything and everything they can to make the unpopular and awkward vice president more likable but this ain’t cuttin’ it. Forget that people (even her own supporters) are starting to wonder why she refuses to visit the border, but the look on her husband’s face? It’s weird.

And some people thought it was Chuck Schumer at first.

So yeah, all sorts of fail here.

It’s shocking that there could be someone else even more unlikable than Hillary Clinton.

Looks like she was caught mid-cackle and Mr. VP looks a bit like he just smelled a fart.

Bad bad bad.

She MIGHT actually visit the border then.

We’re not holding our breath.

People just don’t like Kamala. Sorry, not sorry.



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