Joe Biden has a huge opportunity to do a press conference with Putin and show America is still the world leader and that he will not tolerate any f*ckery from Russia. So of course, he’s not doing that. Interestingly enough, a reporter actually pushed him on why he’s not doing this:

Why is he laughing?

This isn’t funny.

C’mon, Biden, they are calling you OUT.

And it just gets worse and worse:


We don’t have a president.

We have a puppet.

And the puppeteer is an as*hole.

Good gravy.

And on the world stage.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just blame any and all of your failures on the number of days you’ve been doing a job? Ol’ Joe has been in politics for 50 years but you know, 120 days …

This is just embarrassing.

Thanks, Democrats.

At least there aren’t any more mean tweets.

Well, damn.



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