Guys, we’re just starting to think Hunter Biden might be a bad dude. Seriously.

If this story came out about Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump (or Hell, Ivanka), the media would be SCREAMING about corruption but since it’s Biden’s dopey son? Not hearing a whole lot from them … they’re too busy ignoring all of the n-words this schmuck dropped in texts with his lawyer.

Thank goodness for journos like Sharyl Attkisson sharing these stories when clearly we can’t rely on our traditional media to cover a damn thing in a legitimate way.

From justthenews:

Hunter Biden’s odyssey with the Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma — a firm the Obama-Biden State Department deemed corrupt — is well-chronicled now. Hunter Biden and one of his partners scored more than $3 million in fees on that deal. So too is Hunter Biden’s famous trip aboard his father’s Air Force II to Beijing, China, where he landed a major investment deal.

But the emails on the laptop the FBI seized offer new and sweeping details about the ambitions of the Biden business empire, and efforts to contact, influence or appeal to world leaders or their representatives in Washington D.C., particularly in the early months of 2014.

The younger Biden’s access to his father’s official calendars and government events, like state dinners, factored into the hunt for business.

For instance, Hunter Biden directly corresponded with the United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador to the United States, Yousef-Al-Otaibi, about one business deal for which he was seeking help.


Almost like the left projects who they really are onto people they don’t like.

Super weird.



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