Note, the guy behind the Palmer Report is a seriously thin-skinned rage-gnome.

This editor has been blocked (yeah, you’re totally shocked) but LUCKILY the overly dramatic Bill Palmer has not yet blocked Twitchy SO we were able to pull tweets of his complete meltdown when a Democrat called him ‘a grifter on our side.’


Also note, this dude tweets A LOT. Like a lot.


Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

It stems from this, we think? To be completely honest, it’s hard to tell what sets this guy off because there is SO much arguing, outrage, and martyrdom going on in his tweets …

We really had to dig to find these tweets but came across lots and lots of bellyaching from this guy:

Sorry, this is on his timeline and we had to share because ROFL ROFL ROFL:


Hold on, still digging.

Ok, here is the actual convo.


Grifters are gonna grift?


Note, Schlossberg is a Democrat.

This gives us great joy.




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