‘Antifa wants me DEAD’: Andy Ngô’s thread detailing his latest brutal attack/assault by Antifa THUGS a terrifying must-read

Who knew an ‘idea’ could literally try and beat a reporter to death on the streets of Portland?

One would think an ‘idea’ would be fairly non-physical …

Andy Ngô was once again attacked and assaulted by Antifa members on the streets of Portland and none of these people are just an idea, Sleepy Joe.

This is a crazy thread.

Odds that Twitter hasn’t suspended any of these a-holes?

Ho-lee chit.

Look who got beat with the ugly stick.

No visible police presence.

Thanks, Ted Wheeler.




Anyone else reminded of the lunatics in Escape from New York? The Warriors?

What is HAPPENING in Portland?!

Because of course it was.


C’mon man, it’s just an idea.


Told you, this is NUTS.