Sen. Rand Paul was right about Fauci from the GET-GO.

Just how vindicated do you think the good senator from Kentucky feels now that 1000 of Fauci’s emails have been published?

Watch his interview with Laura Ingraham:

A couple of weeks ago, Rand was questioning Fauci on just these things and the High Priest of COVID did what he always does by answering with doublespeak and pretending the person questioning him is crazy or a conspiracy theorist.

You don’t get to be the highest-paid employee of the federal government by being honest and trustworthy.

Sorry, not sorry.


We didn’t say it.

We included the tweet.

But we didn’t say it.

Like really old spoiled milk.



Let’s hope this tweet isn’t right BUT ‘Adult Gambino’ does have a point. It’s seriously like these people are Teflon and nothing sticks to them.


Dr. Fakey.

That works.



OOOMG, he’s right! Rob Schneider has the most PERFECTLY savage analogy for Brian Stelter trolling Glenn Greenwald and LOL

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