Good news! The Biden administration is going to do more to close the racial wealth gap.


Ha ha.


You know what would have done more to close this gap? Oh, we dunno, maybe not killing thousands of jobs canceling the pipeline? Making our southern border a free for all?

From Politico:

IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE TRIP, the Biden administration this morning announced initiatives designed to close the racial wealth gap. They include a proposed rule by HUD to counter discriminatory housing practices, as well as an effort to address inequities in home appraisals.

What discriminatory housing practices? In HUD? Huh?

The administration is also planning to increase the share of federal contracts that go to “small disadvantaged businesses” to 50% over the next five years. The White House says that will provide an additional $100 million to those businesses.

Alrighty then.

We tried to come up with something clever to write about these initiatives and the idea of a ‘racial wealth gap’ but we still have Memorial Day brain. LUCKILY, The Gorgomons were good enough to step in and do our job for us.

Thanks, guys!

We all know how much better things get when the government gets involved.


And then another judge will strike this down because it’s DISCRIMINATION.


This. ^

Now THAT would go a long way but that would also mean he has to give up some of his ‘power’ and we all know Democrats hate doing that.

The train wreck continues.



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