As Twitchy reported, former abortion factory aka Planned Parenthood head Dr. Leana Wen is very cranky with Biden and the CDC for admitting people who have been vaccinated can go without masking. Anyone screeching about this now is only in it for their own gain and notoriety, sorry not sorry.

We won’t bore you with the entire thread since we already covered it …

But we WILL remind her of the interview she had with Chris Cuomo where she said states opening and dropping mask mandates were taking the carrot away from people being squeezed to vaccinate. Wen seemed very upset that people would be able to live freely. Remember? Watch.

Oopsie, she said the quiet part out loud then.

So we suppose we’re not surprised she’s upset with Biden for taking her carrot away.

Because in her little mind it’s POLITICAL, not scientific.

It’s over.

Time to move on, doc.



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