All we can think is @AdamKinzinger has no real ideas or policies of his own and needs to pretend he’s some ‘country over party’ Republican to hide it. The only people who are obsessing over Trump seem to be losers who need someone to blame for their own failures to lead.

Like Liz, Adam really needs to figure out what it is he’s trying to do here.



Just put a D by your name.

We do not get this obsession with attacking your own party with Republicans. It’s like they want to lose, or they think hating on Republicans will make the crazies come after them last.

Or maybe they should just move on and start working on fighting against the mess Biden is making of the country.

Just spitballin’.

He’s talking to Democrats, hoping they’ll eat him last.

At this rate … could very well be.

Dammit, that song will be in our head all day now.



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