Remember when Chris Cillizza SWORE the media do not pick a side?

Well, he lied because they are definitely Team Psaki.

From Mediaite:

Members of the White House press corps made the remarks for a Washingtonian report published on Wednesday, which honed in on the “awkward feeling of rooting” for the spokesperson reporters are general expected to scrutinize. “She takes questions from everybody,” chief ABC News Washington correspondent Jon Karl mused to the publication. “She doesn’t get rattled. She doesn’t lose her cool.”

“She’s a pro, you know?” chief New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker added.

“She’s like any other competent, professional, pleasant, lovely press person from any other era,” added a White House reporter who wasn’t named. The reporter said Psaki had a “sunny” demeanor that made reporters “feel good about their interactions,” adding, “She’s never going to be super-helpful, and that’s frustrating, but that’s kind of her job. It’s one of those weird things where you leave the process feeling good about it even though, when you hang up the phone, you realize: F—, she said nothing helpful.”

And we just threw up a little in our mouths.

Hey, it’s ok if she lies to us because she works for the guy we voted for.

They really are a silly bunch.



So not a good visual.

And THERE it is.



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