You’d think a law school graduate would know you actually CAN yell fire in a crowded theater. But then again, we all know Biden’s grades weren’t all that great while he was in law school sooooo maybe he didn’t know?

Or he just figured people who support him are too dumb to know.

OR the idiot handlers who handle him and who wrote his speech are idiots and they didn’t know you can yell fire in a theater.

Whatever happened, this was one of the more embarrassing moments of the night and David Harsanyi did a pretty stellar job of taking him apart for it:

Not one of Biden’s finer moments.

But if it will save just one life they need to add JUST A FEW MORE to those tens of thousands of laws or something.

Really, Democrats should just be honest and admit they fear people who are able to defend themselves from an overreaching government because at the end of the day, a giant, massive, overreaching, controlling government is their wet dream.

Plus they have so many talking points about ‘guns bad’ that they probably don’t want to give up on it.

What he said.

All day.



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