We’re not sure there’s anything more annoying than liberals lecturing conservative moms about what they should and shouldn’t do, especially on Twitter. Bethany Mandel is a fairly outspoken and bada*s mom who of course seems to bring out the worst in our tolerant, kind, and loving friends on the Left.

Case in point:

‘And by the way, if you’re pregnant, get off Twitter and tone down the rage.

‘More first-word babies are definitely not what the environment needs right now.’

Who are these people!?

You know what, don’t answer that. We’re pretty sure we know already and yeah, they stink.

Bethany continued:

Especially because people making these arguments are trying to shut mothers down and ironically keep them ‘in the kitchen.’

They might as well tell them to stay barefoot and pregnant.

Bethany doesn’t take any crap from anyone and that’s why we adore her.

And she’s spot freakin’ on here.



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