Biden proving once again he knows jack and squat about guns, gun laws, and gun violence.

To be fair, Democrats as a whole typically don’t know much about guns or the Second Amendment other than the few talking points they think will resonate with stupid voters and keep them in office. Luckily, there are folks out there like Amy Swearer who DO know a thing or two about guns and gun violence who are willing to provide the FACTS.

Imagine if Biden would listen to someone like her, just once:

Take a look:

But epidemic sounds like pandemic and allows Biden and Democrats to try and force more control on the people.

Shucky darn!

Ding ding ding.

We feel shocked.

But we were told guns that go pew pew pew are the like the Devil and stuff.

Of course he was intentionally conflating the two, it was about fear, not reality.

Biden just sucks.

Sorry, not sorry.

Just like he keeps saying Trump called white supremacists very fine people.

The idiots writing for him assume the idiots who voted for him are really and truly idiots and will believe anything the idiot says.

This. ^

Damn, this is really good.

Told ya’.




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