Haven’t said this in a while but when somebody shows you who they really are, believe them.

And we are DEFINITELY seeing who the supposed trans-support network REALLY is since Caitlyn Jenner threw her hat into the ring for governor of California.

For decades, we’ve seen how ugly the Left can be with conservative/right-leaning women, minorities, gays, etc. so we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to see how absolutely transphobic they are when it comes to conservative trans-women.

See, they absolutely care about your identity and will protect you FOR IT as long as you agree with their politics.

The second you disagree though and you get this, from people like Parker Molloy:

Parker only really proves Dave Rubin’s point … in a thread.

Except that’s not how it works. For example, look at how this community treated J.K. Rowling for simply saying women shouldn’t have to give up being women to appease a movement.

It’s not people on the Right who have been making goofy identity politics a thing, Parker.

And nobody is assuming you or any other trans person will vote for Caitlyn just because she is trans. No, Dave made his comment about the hatred and vitriol being thrown at Caitlyn by her own community because of her political identity.

But nice try.

The answer is obvious. Democrats love women as long as they AGREE with them. The moment they don’t, they’re attacked, mistreated, and even canceled.


They made the rules, we’re just following them.

Note, usually we can include a few more tweets but it appears Parker has not only blocked this editor but Twitchy as well.


Yeah, not a whole lot of ‘tolerance’ or ‘coexisting’ on that thread.



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