Welp … we did not have ‘Alex Jones saves a bunch of kids,’ on our 2021 Bingo cards.

Willing to bet you guys didn’t either.

Ok, maybe that one weird guy who still thinks our tap water is turning frogs into flaming homosexuals but not the rest of you.

Watch this (lots of f-bombs so put on those headphones):

Could it be staged? Sure, it’s Alex Jones after all … but could it be real?

We suppose it could be.

Hey, it’s 2021, stranger things have happened.

And if so, this is NUTS. We especially like how Alex puts himself in front of the car to keep the man from driving away with a bunch of unsecured children in his vehicle.

Where was he taking these kids? And so many of them.

The jury is still out on Twitter (and on social media in general) if this was legit.

Again, Alex Jones.

You’ll have to decide for yourselves … for now. If and when more information comes out about this video we’ll let you know.



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