Every day that Biden has spent as our supposed president has been behind armed National Guardsmen and a fence.

But you know, he’s not a dictator or anything.

Democrats just keep claiming that some evil Right-wing group (Q?) is plotting another INSURRECTION at the Capitol so they need to keep these military folks in place, sleeping in garages and eating spoiled food.

It’s really rather pathetic.

Brit Hume said it best:

And the hot word for 2021 is ‘insurrections’.

From greenwald.substack.com:

This is how apocalyptic cult leaders always function. When the end of the world did not materialize on January 6, Collins insisted that January 20 was the day of the violent reckoning. When nothing happened on that day, he moved the Doomsday Date to March 4. The flock cannot remain in a state of confusion for too long about why the world has not ended as promised by the prophet, so a new date must quickly be provided with an explanation for why this is serious business this time.

Funny how the people propagating the ‘lockdown’ are calling Trump a dictator and his supporters a cult.


Or something.

Everything is so damn dumb. We’d take the dumb of 2020 at this point.



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