Remember when Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand made an impassioned attack on Kavanaugh when he had been accused by a second woman for sexual harassment? It’s been a few years but you know, the tweets are still there …

Forget that none of these women’s stories added up to a hill of beans and Kavanaugh was indeed confirmed but keep in mind Democrats like Kirsten were willing to destroy Kavanaugh’s LIFE and FAMILY to keep him from being confirmed because Trump nominated him.

She did the same with Al Franken so SURELY now that a second woman has come forward she’ll call Emmy-award-winner Andrew Cuomo out, yes?


Wow, she’s stood next to a lot of men accused of sexually harassing women.

Keep in mind, most of these tweets are nearly three years old.

Think she learned anything from them? We went to check her timeline and nope …

But lots and lots of tweets attacking Kavanaugh:

Waiting for those tweets on Cuomo, Kirsten.



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