Raise your hand if you’re tired of Congressional antics in general and would just like all of them to knock off the ‘owning the libs’ and dunking and get to work? Hey, we get it, the Left acts like they’re on leave from a clown show but that doesn’t mean the Right has to do it as well.

Especially when our pals in the media, like Chris Cillizza, are just looking for an excuse to make Republicans look stupid.

Like this bit on Marjorie Greene.

From CNN:

Newman, whose daughter is transgender, was supporting the Equality Act that aims to ban discrimination based on sex, gender identity and sexual preference. In an emotional speech on the House floor earlier in the day Tuesday, Newman said this of the act: “The right time to pass this act was decades ago. The second best time is right now. I’m voting yes on the Equality Act for Evie Newman, my daughter and the strongest, bravest person I know.”

Of course, Chris doesn’t bother to chastise Congresswoman Marie Newman for starting it. No no, he gives her plenty of protection …

To be completely transparent, this editor doesn’t like what either of these chicks did but that Chris only sees fit to go after the Republican is all too telling.

What he said.



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