We’re not entirely sure why Ian Millhiser has such a hate-boner for Wyoming, but every time he wants to make a stupid point about the number of senators the states have he picks on the Equality State.

Think about that for a minute.

It all started here …

Are they really arguing about who has the largest … state?

C’mon guys.

Enter Millhiser:

Ian Millhiser (n): An empty head who has no idea how our government works.

Seriously with this freakin’ guy?

It was the first state to allow women to vote, it was also the first state to have a female governor.

But you know, it’s a red state so Millhiser likes to trash it. Forget that Vermont, Hawaii, Delaware, and other BLUE states have tiny populations when compared to California.

Disingenuous toad.



Everyone in Wyoming reading Ian’s tweet … yup.

We love this gif.

So good.

Damn, that’s pretty damn dense.

Dude, even Texas doesn’t mess with Wyoming.



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