Daily Caller shared a story about Trump’s advisers saying the former president will circle the GOP wagons around himself.

Not really hard to understand what they mean here …

But Chris Cuomo had to go and make it awkward and cringy.

We of course are assuming he actually knows what it means to circle the wagons and is trying to make a joke but then again this is Chris Cuomo we’re talking about so we suppose he might not know what something fairly basic and simple means.

Chris. You’re just not that clever, dude.

Firing squad? Really?

C’mon man!

It was never very high to begin with.

Little bit of both?


We hope this is a joke …


‘Nuff said.



Ummm … what?! Now, we’re not sure what Biden really MEANT to say here but it sounds a little RACIST-Y (watch)

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