Starting to think feminists have too much free time on their hands.

Imagine being so triggered (yeah, we hate that word too but there really isn’t a better word) by Lauren Boebert being on camera with LEGAL guns behind her that you pose for a photo in front of a bunch of maxi-pads.


‘Menstrual products.’

We get it, social media is built on this sort of stupid but c’mon man!

Where exactly does it say we have a right to bear maxi-pads, Geraldine?

Can’t seem to find that amendment.

Ok, this was almost funny.


Really dude?

Don’t hate this.

But then she did this …

Nobody is angry about the thought of menstruation.

FFS woman.

People are angry because smug, snotty, holier-than-thou types mock their beliefs and ideas with silly pictures of ‘menstrual products.’

Get it?


We get it, a feminist is gonna feminist but really?

Because it’s stupid.

There, all caught up.



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