As Twitchy readers know, Oakley Union Elementary school board members were caught trashing, smearing, and even threatening parents when they didn’t think anyone was listening. Rule of thumb folks, if there is a microphone anywhere nearby, someone could always be listening. That’s not paranoia, that’s reality.

Sounds like their president has stepped down but really they all should.


President of the Oakley Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees has resigned after being caught on video making disparaging comments about parents during a live public meeting Wednesday night.

Lisa Brizendine, the now former board president, was swiftly removed from the district’s website after news of her resignation was released to the public Thursday evening.

Superintendent Greg Hetrick was describing a proposal to limit public meeting comments to three-minute audio clips made in advance when trustee Richie Masadas noted, “It’s easy to hide behind a screen.”

Accusing parents of wanting their babysitters back? Threatening to ‘f*ck them up.’ Insinuating they use weed? Yeah, these are the people making decisions about YOUR KIDS’ education and when they can all get back in the classroom.

These are the people keeping your kids out of school, folks.

If this doesn’t scare the Hell out of this country we’re not sure what will.

Clearly, they don’t.


The one board member who threatened to ‘f*ck up’ a parent after calling them a ‘b*tch’ has since deleted her Twitter account and locked her Instagram account.

Huh, now why oh why would she do that.



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