Even if you don’t specifically know why, you’ve likely heard the name Lizzo a lot over the past several days. That’s thanks in no small part to a recent performance she gave in which she played a 200-year-old crystal flute that belonged to Founding Father and President James Madison.

Lizzo actually is a flutist (or flautist, if ya nasty). So it’s not as though she had no business playing a flute.

Now, admittedly, some conservatives out there were bothered by what they saw as a tasteless display that made a mockery of James Madison. But it seemed like a lot more conservatives’ feelings ranged between outright indifference and “hey, actually it’s pretty cool to hear James Madison’s flute.” Of course, liberals have since been tripping all over themselves to prove that any criticism of Lizzo’s performance is rooted in right-wing racism.

But will any of those liberals be calling out The Dispatch — which, while not quite in Bulwark territory, has nonetheless been reasonably kind and sympathetic to liberals, or at least willing to call out conservatives — over this?

The woman in that photo is named Nzinga Imani. She’s a model as well as an actress and a singer. And she is most definitely not Lizzo.

Oh yes.



Well, better late than never …

Honestly, good on them for owning up to it. Hopefully they’ll be a little more careful next time.


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