Watching Tom Nichols and Jennifer Rubin pretend they were just outsiders as The Lincoln Project continues to self-destruct has been one of the most entertaining things we’ve seen on Twitter in quite some time.

Tom making sure everyone knew he was an ‘unpaid adviser’ and now Rubin tweeting a story about shutting the project down?

Give us a freakin’ break.

From The Hill:

The Lincoln Project, the group formed little more than a year ago by a band of anti-Trump Republicans, is facing calls to shut down amid allegations of a toxic and abusive culture at the organization.

So far, two former top officials at the Lincoln Project have backed the idea of closing down the group, including one of its co-founders, George Conway, who stepped away from the project last summer. Kurt Bardella, who left his role as a senior adviser for the Lincoln Project last week, has also called for the group to shutter.

“Just shut it down already … it’s over,” he tweeted on Tuesday. Reached by The Hill on Wednesday, Bardella said that his tweet speaks for itself and declined to comment further.

What’s funny is Jennifer Rubin pretending she’s somehow separated from The Lincoln Project …

She loved her guys!

They all enabled this.

They own it.

Twitter is forever, Jenn.



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