This editor used to adore Nikki Haley.

True story. Tough as nails, direct, fearless at the UN … but then she tried to save her own skin and dumped on Trump in January. And hey, we get it, a lot of people were jumping ship when the Left was working overtime to paint Trump as some sort of evil authoritarian inspiring an insurrection but trying to wiggle her way back in?


Not a great idea, Nikki.

Did she really think he’d let her comments go? Let’s not pretend Trump doesn’t hold a grudge.

He does.

Unfortunately, Nikki made her bed … now she gets to sleep in it.

Oh, and in case you missed what she said about him that likely pissed him off:

‘I think he’s lost any sort of political viability.’

Yeah, not smart.


And of course, the left is turning on her as well.

Maybe just stand fast in your convictions and stop trying to have it both ways?

Just sayin’.



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