Andrew Cuomo has some ‘splainin’ to do.

You knew that already but we wanted to say it just ‘cuz.

Not that most of the media have really cared enough to ask him (they are far too busy blaming Ted Cruz for the failure of Democratic mayors in Texas), but to be fair, Mika Brzezinski did interview NY Assemblyman Ron Kim (a Democrat!) allowing him to tell his story about either endorsing the Cuomo’s false narrative or being destroyed.

How very New Yorker of Cuomo.




Add to it how much the media propped Cuomo up as the best governor at dealing with COVID. The as*hole wrote a BOOK about it and received an EMMY.

This is how dumb far too many Americans are these days.


It always seems to come out eventually.

Whether or not all of this will matter in the long run however remains to be seen.



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