Democrats are finally starting to step up and hold Andrew Cuomo accountable for his disastrous COVID response …


No no, they are far too busy blaming Ted Cruz for failures in various Texas cities for dealing with the winter storm response. For example, former Obama campaign nob Jim Messina tried this ‘dunk’ on Ted.

It’s lame but keep in mind who this guy worked for:

Umm … Ted’s not the mayor of Houston. Just sayin’.

Luckily RedSteeze was front and center to educate Jim on how government really works.

Oh, Houston’s mayor is a Democrat.

That’s probably a big part of the reason Jim is looking to blame Cruz because REPUBLICANS BAD.

It’s all so tedious.

Pretty sure he’s busy protecting Sylvester here.

Only a true jerkoff would work to get Obama elected, so yup, this checks out.

But if he calls out the mayor he’s calling out a Democrat and we all know he can’t do that.

Look at his avi, he’s hugging Obama for pete’s sake!



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