Hollywood peeps.


If you learn nothing else from these past four years under Trump let it be that you are CLUELESS about how government works and if and when you speak up and pretend you’re all deep and meaningful about the basic fundamentals of our country and government you will only embarrass yourselves.

Take for example this nonsense from Steven Pasquale – full disclosure, we had no idea who he even was but after a quick Duck Duck Go search (eat it, Google) we discovered he’s on some TV show we’ve never heard of, so good times.

Super annoying reminder that actors should just stick to acting.

Even if they’re in a show most people don’t even know exists.

This is not complicated.

Senate represents the states.

House represents the people.



Anything but Harry Potter.


Hey now, we didn’t say it.

We included it in this article but we didn’t say it,

Hollywood is gonna Hollywood. Heh.

Consider yourself schooled, Steve.



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