Awwwww, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to write about Trump driving the Left insane because he won … the past few months after the election have been a fairly boring dud to cover. Honestly, Biden is such a boring and horrible president that even writing about him being boring and horrible seems tedious. It’s good to write about something that makes everyone laugh again.

Well, everyone but the angry shouty-types on the Left.

From Michael van der Deen’s dismantling of the media (it was a beautiful thing) to their response after Trump’s SECOND acquittal, something shifted again overnight. You can feel it:


Damn funny, right?

So you know the Left who has ZERO sense of humor is losing their damn minds over it. Note, this is even funnier being reported by The Hill:

So salty.

Oh no, not the emojis!

Feels like old times.

Trump winning, the Left losing … and crying.

And of course, that’s their first thought. Canceling someone.


Hey man, if the Democrats would stop trying to impeach the guy they wouldn’t have to.

Talk to Nancy.




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