If Melania Trump had put up a bunch of hearts BEHIND the fences and armed guards around the White House she would have been tormented and bullied off of Twitter. They trashed her for repairing and updating the Rose Garden of all things.

But since it’s Sleepy Joe’s sister … sorry … wife it’s super meaningful and stuff.

Awww, a bunch of cute hearts that prove how much they all care while thousands of people are losing their jobs, going without a paycheck, dying from COVID and a plethora of other fun things her husband is doing to this country.

But the cute hearts and feels and stuff!

We didn’t say it.

We might have thought it.

We definitely laughed at it.

We included it in this article BUT we didn’t say it.


Can’t you just feel the unity?


So much unity.

All the eye rolls.

Jill Biden is doing her part! Ok, not really.



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