John Hayward writes a pretty damn good thread when he feels like it, and this one about the Left, the Right, cancel culture, and fighting back is perhaps one of his best. Yes, it is a bit long but so worth your time to read and heck, even share.

Take a gander:


Up against a totalitarian ideology that has already corrupted every single institution of American society.

Yes, how do we fight back?

Missing the Tea Party these days.


Told you this is good.

We cannot stop that process by politely objecting to it.

There is no place for groups like The Lincoln Project.

Just sayin’.

There is no place for the Angry Loser either.

Damn, that’s smart.

Thank God.

People are truly desperate for brave leaders who do NOT want to control them or their lives.

How do you fight someone who doesn’t care about life or liberty or freedom?

If you really still believe it can be won (and this editor does) then we must be prepared to get dirty, get roughed up …

Hell yeah.

The question is not do we fight, but HOW.



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