As more and more info about the horrendous job Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually did in New York (they gave this as*hole an EMMY and he wrote a freakin’ book!) it’s good to look back at the job the media was doing over the summer to make him look like the King of Battling COVID … while they trashed DeSantis.

Like Andrew’s brother, Fredo.

Sorry, Chris.

Our bad.

The better question should have been can we trust the data from NEW YORK’S GOVERNOR.

Clay Davis was good enough to use this oldie but goodie from Chris to nuke him and Andy.

Good times.

Clay, that’s gonna leave a mark. LOL.

And yeah, thanks bud.

Even THEN Janice Dean was kicking the crap out of Andrew.

Love it.

We know it was you, Fredo.



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