This was pretty good.

Jesse Singal pointed out that the New York Times debated making a list of problematic articles to circulate among their bosses (and why would they do that?!), to which Nikole Hannah-Jones replied and almost snapped at him, going so far as to insinuate he was ‘making sh*t up.’

Here, take a look at the back and forth for yourself:

Look at that, an actual source otherwise known as a ‘receipt.

Gotta love it.


We almost believe him.



Actually a good point. We spend a lot of time making fun of journos aka firefighters but we don’t spend enough time giving credit where it’s due. Jesse is consistent and fairly unbiased, which are both traits far too many in the media lack.

This was a great example of just that.

Editor’s note: We have corrected a typo in the headline. – sj



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