The shamelessness of Chris Hayes accusing Republicans of getting hundreds of thousands of Americans killed. And we hate to break it to him, but the morons who stormed the Capitol, while definitely morons, aren’t much worse than the other morons who set fire to buildings, assaulted innocent people and toppled statues over the summer.

We would take his outrage a whole lot more seriously if he wasn’t such a biased neomaxizoomdweebie.

Look at this hot mess.

Ignoring how awful Democrats are … sure, that’ll help a lot, Chris.


Someone get Chris a Snickers bar, he’s a hot mess.

This didn’t go over so hot.

MSNBC sure can pick ’em.

Chris is the Chicken Little of gaslighting.

He does. He just hopes the rest of us are too stupid to remember.

But it’s a good thing when his side destroys property and gets people killed. How quickly they have forgotten about CHAZ.

Democrat propagandist may well be his new title.



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