Oh yay! We suck again!

It didn’t take long after Job Biden took his place in the White House for our country start doing stupid stuff that only stupid people would support. Then again, stupid people is how we got Joe Biden so we’re not entirely surprised.

Take for example the EO (yea, we know, there are a lot of them) that conned America back into the Paris Climate Accord.

Dumb dumb dumb.

And guess what? It just gets dumber.

From CBS News:

Four environmental groups are crying victory after France was found guilty of failing to meet climate change goals it committed to in a historic accord signed in and named after its own capital city. The Administrative Tribunal in Paris ruled Wednesday that France had fallen short of its promise to reduce greenhouse gases under commitments made in the 2015 Paris Agreement, and was “responsible for ecological damage.”

While the court declared the government guilty of inaction, it rejected a claim for damages by the four NGOs that brought the suit, ordering the government to pay just one symbolic euro to them instead. The tribunal also said it would decide within two months whether to recommend any measures for the government to resolve its failure to meet its own commitments.

It’s like Biden and Democrats want us to fail or something.

Joe Biden couldn’t wait to make us suck again.

To be fair, Joe probably has no idea what he’s been signing … he just does what the little voice in his ear tells him to.



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