Ilhan Omar couldn’t wait to jump into the Nancy Mace/ AOC fray – we suppose she just couldn’t deal with someone daring to call her fellow squad-harpy out for being a disingenuous liar playing politics and exploiting actual victims.

Not sure what she was thinking with this though?

‘Get it together’?

Coming from a woman whose own party has struggled with her open anti-Semitism? Some people did some thing?


She really is.

But don’t worry, Nancy can hold her own.

Yeah, maybe don’t pick a fight with Nancy Mace. Just sayin’.

Now, to be fair, there are people on this thread calling on Mace to be the adult (it’s sort of what we do on the Right) but for just a moment it’s fun to see someone swing back. We expect it from the Left …


Twitter is gonna Twitter, right?



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