The Left is truly the party of the privileged.

Deal with it.

Oh, they like to pretend they care about the little people but in reality, they know it’s all a bunch of BS and are terrified people will see through them, like what Gad Saad did with Seth Rogen. Interestingly enough, Gad wrote an entire thread JUST on the privileged elites on the Left and their desperation to virute signal.

This dude just kicks a*s.

Take a look:

Guilt albatross around their necks.

You can tell he writes books, yes?

They love all of those things as long as they’re not in their back yard.

True story.


OMG, this is so spot on.

They’re so phony.

This is just so damn good.

We did more than memorize it.

We shared it with you, dear reader.

WE TOLD YOU it’s good!



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