Fox News’ Peter Doocy actually asked Biden a real question which he eventually answered … sorta. And of course the Left is angry that Doocy would dare ask Biden a question that doesn’t have anything to do with his favorite flavor of ice cream or his dogs.


It’s a good question. Biden spent months during his campaign talking about how he had a plan to stop COVID and now he’s telling people there is no way to stop the trajectory of the virus. Anyone who’s not buried in Biden’s backside can see there is a discrepancy here.

One worth asking about.

A podcaster we’ve never heard of (who Twitter verified) chimed in:

Doocy shouldn’t be there ‘wasting time’ in the first place.



Brit Hume dropped him (and as usual, make sure you read this tweet in Brit’s voice, it makes it even better):

Fiery Brit is the best Brit.

Asking real questions is wasting time.

To the Left.

Brit didn’t take any crap while Trump was president and he’s damn sure not going to take any under Biden.

Doocy did a great job, can’t wait to see him at future pressers.



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