This thread from Ford Fischer about the footage he shot of the Trump crowd during Trump’s speech on January 6 has been deleted from YouTube.

Now, why oh why would YouTube do such a thing?

Fischer himself has some ideas and explained it all in this must-read thread:

Keep going.

They removed video of the crowd listening to and reacting to Trump’s speech?


But Trump!

Getting weirder, right? They allowed his speech on their site in other locations, but not the footage of the crowd.


Good question.

So it’s not that the footage is bad or dangerous, other documentaries are going to use it and he’s also using it in an upcoming episode of PBS Frontline.

What gives?

How could Trump’s speech incite an insurrection if the people who breached the Capitol weren’t even there listening to his speech?

As he says, this could actually be evidence.

Timing is … convenient.

Spam, deceptive practices and scams policy?


Something strange is afoot at the Circle K.



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