S.E. Cupp warning others that a Democrat in the White House will only make right-wing media ‘worse.’ How adorbs. If by worse she means we’ll switch gears and cover Biden’s screw-ups because they’re too busy writing stories about his freaking dogs and favorite flavor of ice cream then we’re GUILTY.

Seriously with this crap?

Someone please remind her she works for CNN.


WHOOHOO! Let’s hear it for the mainstream media who called Jen Psaki’s pressers ‘refreshing.’

But you know, the real problem is the evil right-wing media.


Hey now, not just bagel stories. We get stories about Biden going to mass, stories about his favorite ice cream flavor, stories about his dogs barking.

This is some hard-hitting stuff ya’ know.

Right-wing media will tell the truth about Biden.

How rude of us.


Us either.



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