Right out of the gate we can tell Will Wilkinson is a disingenuous toad claiming conservatives are saying Biden’s crap policies prove he doesn’t want unity. Anyone with half a functioning brain knows this is not the case and they are often reacting to some sort of gross tweet insinuating they’re racists or insurrectionists or belong in re-education camps.

But you know, those smug, thoughtless tweets aren’t going to write themselves:

But wait.

It gets worse.

Way worse.

And just as we suspected, Will likely wasn’t brave enough to stand by his tweets (even though Twitter hadn’t done anything to him for tweeting about lynching Pence) and he deleted them.

Luckily we got ’em.

Well, Ryan Saavedra got ’em BUT we’ve got Ryan’s tweet so .. yeah:

And so does Siraj – Will even made THE LIST!

There is no stopping the list.

He’s implying people on the Right would be happy if Pence was lynched.

Yeah, he’s disgusting.

Nobody is shocked, right?

Whatever will they write about for the next four years? They can only write so many stories about Biden’s favorite foods and how empathetic he is and stuff.



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