Caaaaan you feeeeel, the looooove tonight?

It’s fascinating to watch people who claim they are on the side of good and tolerance and unity and all of that other happy horse crap openly talk about destroying the lives of people they disagree with politically. In a way, social media has both ruined this country and improved it because now we can see these folks for who they really are.

Take Elie Mystal for example, who wants Biden to have a ‘Director of Petty’ who can punish Trumpers.

No, we’re not joking.

And he tweeted it openly without nary a twitch from Twitter.

Since they can’t be fired or jailed (clearly his preference) he wants to harass and punish them.

Tell us again who the bad guys are?

A non-profit to make people miserable.

Democrats won’t need any non-profits to help them with that – this admin will suck.

Luckily this didn’t go over so hot for Elie:




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