Notice how quickly the media and the Left have pivoted from claiming Trump was the BAD ORANGE MAN to painting an entire movement filled with tens of millions of people as ‘extremists’. Grandma Connie didn’t storm any Capitol on January 6 BUT she votes Republican and loves this country so SHE’S AN EXTREMIST.

It really is incredibly stupid and exhausting … and sadly effective because let’s face it, the media isn’t exactly playing to the best and brightest these days.

GOPPouncer’s thread on how to create extremists from normies who just want to be left alone is pretty spectacular:

Narrow margins. Yup. And still some unanswered questions about jumps in vote totals BUT we’re not going to go there … ahem.

Destroying buildings, rioting around the Capitol, and attacking people over the summer in the name of justice is AOK.

Questioning an election is AOK.

Unless of course Republicans or the Right are doing it.

Defund the police and military!

Oh, wait.

Never mind.

Really gross.

This. ^ Build some more lists of people to re-educate, Lefties, that’s our favorite.

Yes, that guy was a moron.

No, Trump voters had nothing to do with it.

Scary but accurate.

And isn’t it ironic, doncha think?

Think for yourself.


Fascists are gonna fascist we suppose.



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