So does this mean we toppled a dictator in 2016 when we voted Obama out? Saved the country from Hillary Clinton? Because gosh, while we’re certainly not experts we’re pretty sure most dictators aren’t removed from their seat by a Democratic process and voting. Visions of the Saddam Hussein statue begin toppled come to mind more so than a bunch of yahoos voting for an old man who thought he was running for the Senate but what do we know?

They’re so melodramatic:

Right? Because dictators always cut taxes, broker peace in the Middle East, and create thriving economies that set records for low minority unemployment.

Shew! Thank goodness Amy and the rest saved us from that evil man who wanted us to be free.

*all the eyerolls*

Oh, we get it, she’s playing the insurrection card (thanks dipsticks who stormed the Capitol) but give us a freakin’ break.

Ooooh. See, that’s what we thought too. If Trump were truly a dictator he wouldn’t be leaving the White House and there most definitely would not be people like Amy babbling online that they toppled him.

No one ever accused the Left of being the brightest crayons in the box.



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