Gosh, remember all of those spots morning shows ran of Ivanka Trump talking about how empathetic her dad was? How they painted him as some sort of kindly old grandpa?

Yeah, us either.

We get it. Media will spend the next four years with a big ol’ Dem-stiffy but c’mon with this crap already.

Watch (if you can stand it):

Media are nothing more than Biden groupies.

Seriously, this is just … well it’s pandering is what it is.

Better eat your Wheaties, folks, we’re in for four years of this nonsense while they paint all Trump supporters as insurrectionists. Good times.

True story.


But he’s empathetic when he calls them names, duh.

Wonder if he confuses her with his sister?


Insult to four year olds.

Seems our brave firefighters in the media are more excited for a President Biden than everyone else which is all so very telling.



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