We can’t help but notice a rather large group of media types and pundits on the Left are happily writing about silencing those they disagree with and using the ‘storming of the Capitol’ as their rationale. They know damn well the millions and millions of people who voted for Trump or who may not have voted for Trump but lean Right had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol but that doesn’t seem to stop them from trying to punish them anyway.

Like this nonsense from CNN’s Eliott C. McLaughlin who wants America to rethink the First Amendment when it comes to ‘extremist speech,’ whatever that is. One could say writing about the silencing of others is fairly extreme which would make Eliott’s writing extreme, yes?

Take a look.

We’ll spare you and won’t share an excerpt from this piece.

You’re welcome.

Jim Treacher chimed in:

But when they do it’s ok? Social justice and stuff?


Never told anyone to shut up? What happened after this tweet was actually pretty damn funny.

Wait for it …

Sooooo didn’t he just tell Treacher to shut up in a round about way?


Can’t make this crap up.

Ain’t that the truth?



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