They’ve gotta be sh*tting us with this cover.

For real?

Seriously, folks, we’re not sure if there are enough barf bags out there for the next four years. And we thought they painted Obama as the Messiah? Good gravy.

So many eyerolls.

Super edgy, TIME.

With a bunch of portraits of slave-owners and anti-immigration peeps.



Sorry, TIME, but you know it’s bad when even people who don’t like Trump are taking issue with your lame cover.

Media learned nothing.



We’re laughing at YOU! Mary Chastain kicks the living crap out of Sucky McSuckface aka John Brennan for targeting libertarians

Cannot emphasize ENOUGH how bad this reporting is: CNN claims Biden inherited no plan for vaccinations and YEAH that’s BS

Nice TRY, dbag! Blue-checked NYT contributor Will Wilkinson tries (fails) deleting gross tweet calling for Biden to lynch Pence (we got it)