Not even 24 hour into this sh*thole of an administration and ALREADY CNN is pretending his failures stem from Trump somehow setting him up to fail. The only Americans who would buy this crap … are the same Americans who watch and read this crap.

Fair point.





Ellen Carmichael’s thread is an exceptional takedown of their ‘reporting’:

That and the Trump administration was already on-track to have 100 million doses before then. They really and truly want people to think Biden SAVED US ALL.

Gross, right?

Because the states are sitting on them or in some cases, even throwing them away.

A single shot.


But Trump! No plan! Biden! ELEVENTY!

All they care about is the narrative.

Nothing has changed.


Imagine how much we would have already gotten done if the media actually spent more time covering the news and advocating for success and less time trying to build Biden up while tearing Trump down.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?



Nice TRY, dbag! Blue-checked NYT contributor Will Wilkinson tries (fails) deleting gross tweet calling for Biden to lynch Pence (we got it)

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