As Twitchy readers know, Glenn Kessler fanboyed hard this morning about Jen Psaki and ‘reality-ground White House press briefings.’ He didn’t even bother trying to hide his admiration for the incoming administration which we suppose is no surprise since he didn’t bother to hide his hatred for the administration exiting.

Here’s the tweet again, lucky you guys:

CBS’ Kathryn Watson was quick to point out to ol’ Glenn what his real job is and we couldn’t clap and say ‘huzzah’ any louder if we tried.

What she said.

Their job is to diligently question the Biden administration as well.

Sad Glenn didn’t know that.

Appearances only go so far but fair point. Imagine if we could rely on our media to act like real journalists for a change! Crazy talk.

We do too.

We’ll see if it’s more than just talk here soon.

Stay tuned.



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